Alaska zwei is a vegan cafe serving delicious and satisfying one plate lunch with fresh ingredients. 日本語の記事はこちらから。

TypeCafe restaurant (eat-in, takeout)
PricingAround 1,500 yen and up
OrganicMostly organic
Favorite★★★★★  Delicious and satisfying one plate lunch with fresh ingredients!

My go-to vegan cafe for lunch

Walking along the river from Nakameguro station for 15 minutes then crossing the large street, you will find Alaska zwei on a back street. Without any flashy sign, it blends into the quite neighborhood atmosphere, making it a bit hard to find. In fact, no matter how many times I’ve come here, I always check the map on my phone to make sure that I’m going into the right street.

Before Alaska zwei was born in 2016, it used to be a vegetarian cafe called “Alaska.” When the current owner who was a repeat customer at Alaska heard that it was closing, she asked the former owner to let her run it, adding “zwei” (means “two” in German) to the name and reopening it as a vegan cafe.

It is quite a walk from the station, but I keep coming back here for its delicious food.

Amazing one plate lunch

Alaska zwei has several options on the menu like curry plate, bánh (Vietnamese sandwitch) and soup & bread plate, but my favorite by far is the brown rice one plate lunch.

It comes with brown rice, soup, salad, side dish and main dish, and the foods change daily depending on what vegetables are fresh and available on that day so every time I come here, I can enjoy something different with the freshest ingredients. The food here is not a typical or traditional Japanese meal with brown rice – rather it has a hint of flavor from Asia and other countries, which I love.

Besides food, baked goods, like muffins and cakes for dessert and bagels and foccacia for bread, are also a must try at Alaska zwei. I especially like the bagels with a chewy and fluffy texture.

Takeout and delivery available

Currently (as of April 2020), because of the public health emergency, Alaska zwei is closed for eat-in but is open for takeout and delivery by Ubereats. The delivery does come with quite a bit of plastic waste, but it’s still nice to be able to enjoy the food I love at home!

Baked goods can also be purchased online.

Alaska zwei
2-5-7 Higashiyama Meguro-ku Tokyo
Please check their operation days/hours from their Instagram account.