Nagi Shokudo is a vegan deli with a variety of delicious dishes that change daily. 日本語はこちらから。

TypeCafe restaurant (casual eat-in, takeout)
PricingLunch: 1100yen and up
Dinner: Around 2000yen
OrganicNot clear
Eco-friendly★★★★☆ Wet tissue in plastic served.
Favorite★★★★☆ Affordably-priced delicious vegan deli food served teishoku style. Portions could be a big bigger…

Casual vegan “shokudo”

In Tokyo, many of the vegan restaurants are cafes with urban and stylish design. They can also be a bit expensive and may not present themselves as a place you go everyday.

The owner of Nagi Shokudo used to work in the music industry, and through interactions with foreign musicians (many were vegetarians), he realized that it was hard to find casual places where he could take them to eat in Japan. His desire to create a vegetarian “shokudo” (means cafeteria or canteen in Japanese) where you can have affordably-priced meals later came to life as Nagi Shokudo.

Staying true to the original concept, Nagi Shokudo serves delicious teishoku meals with lots of vegetables and brown rice starting at just 11000 yen for lunch.

Taking a walk away from the bustling Shibuya station to quieter Daikanyama area, you find Nagi Shokudo in half basement of a building. With a lot of windows that bring in natural light and yellow walls that make the place look quite bright for half basement, it’s definitely not a stylish, urban-looking cafe, but it’s also not an “organic” cafe with a natural feel. It actually feels almost like a cute kissaten (Japanese-style cafes serving coffee/tea and light meals).

Everyday meals, but not the ordinary home style food

If you visit Nagi Shokudo for lunch, I really recommend going for teishoku-style Nagi Lunch Plate which comes with 3 daily deli dishes of your choice, brown rice, miso soup and pickles. It doesn’t say on the menu but the meal also comes with some green salad. Not many vegan restaurants have a menu that changes everyday, and the number of dishes which you can choose from is amazing!

Besides dishes like kinpira (simple Japanese stir-fry) and potato salad which are typical Japanese home style foods, there are a variety of dishes of different origins like Indian dishes (vada and poriyal), numul (Korean salad) and falafel. I can literally come here everyday and not get tired of their food, and the foods also give me inspiration for when cooking at home.

Being a big eater that I am, I do wish their portions were a bit bigger…

A cup of coffee you can order with additional 100 yen for your lunch is organic and decaf! It’s freshly brewed on order and tastes delicious. I don’t take caffeine, and it’s not easy to find a place that serves good decaf coffee (not roasted grain coffee but from real coffee beans), so this makes me very happy.

They have few dessert options also, which are delicious.

For dinner, you can order teishoku-style meals or pick small dishes to make your own meal.

Why not make this place your lunch stop while taking a stroll from Shibuya to Daikanyama?

Nagi Shokudo
15-10 Uguisudanicho, Shibuya City, Tokyo