Lapaz is a stylish cafe in Gaienmae serving delicious organic burgers that are nourishing for the body. 日本語はこちらから。

TypeCafe restaurant (eat-in, takeout)
PricingLunch: around 1200 yen and up
Eco-friendly★★★★★  Smoothies come with a spoon. No plastic in sight!
Favorite★★★★★  Organic burgers that are delicious, fresh and healthy! Served in hearty portions that are highly satisfying.

Junk food that nourishes the body

On a side street near the Gaienmae station, ORGANIC TABLE BY LAPAZ is located in a Western looking building with brick pavement. It’s well blended in the ambiance of the quiet neighborhood, and without a big sign on the street, you could easily miss it if you’re not looking for it.

The restaurant has this feeling like an artist’s studio apartment in Brooklyn and is a comfortable place for everyone whether you’re a loner who has come to grab a quick lunch, a couple on a date or a group of friends gathered to catch up.

A lot of vegan cafes in Tokyo have a help-yourself water station, and I always feel that it’s not very customer friendly that we have to get up many times to fill up a tiny glass. At Lapaz, a pot of detox water is served for each table and glasses are also nice and big, so I drink a lot of water whenever I come here. These small things that allow me to do something good for the body without effort make me very happy.

Originally a lifestyle shop selling furniture, foods and artworks which opened in 2011, Lapaz renewed itself as a farm-to-table vegan cafe in 2014. At the time of renewal, apparently there were many trials and errors in establishing the menu, and now the menu consists of delicious burgers that have been made to perfection. Besides the regular burgers on the menu, sometimes they have a “seasonable” burger served for a fixed time period.

There used to be gluten-free rice-based burgers before, but now there are only burgers with regular wheat-based buns.

At Lapaz, burgers are a full plate of salad, freshly-fried potatoes and homemade pickles. As Lapaz not only focuses on using organic ingredients but also tries to prepare foods in-house as much as possible, ketchup and mustard used on the burgers are also homemade.

Burgers at Lapaz are nourishing for the body that change the notion that burgers are junk food that’s bad for you. My husband and I have been to numerous vegan restaurants together in Tokyo, and no wonder why Lapaz is the one my husband always wants to go when the weekend comes. Usually clientele at vegan restaurants in Tokyo is 90% women, but you see quite a number of male customers at Lapaz.

Besides burgers, there is a South Indian curry plate on the menu. The dishes are very mildly flavored and the rice is Japanese rice rather than Indian rice, so for me who is used to eating Indian food regularly, burgers would be the clear winner and choice here.

When you go to Lapaz, you cannot go home without trying their dessert. In particular, their cheesecake made with homemade soy cheese is amazing!

I don’t take caffeine, so only if they had decaf coffee, it would be a perfect tea time… (They do have herbal teas and smoothies though.)

Try Lapaz, one of the few farm-to-table organic vegan restaurants in Tokyo!

3-38-11. Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

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