The Farm Cafe is a natural cafe in Asakusa serving superbly-delicious tempura. 日本語はこちらから。

TypeCafe restaurant (eat-in, takeout)
PricingBurgers (1200 yen and up), Plates (1650 yen & 2200 yen), Curries (1440 yen)
OrganicNot clear
Favorite★★★★☆  Highly satisfying meal with a big salad, rice and vegan & gluten-free crispy tempura!

Vegan Cafe for True Health

Only 5 minute walk from Asakusa station, the street by the river running parallel to the large avenue is surprisingly quiet. The Farm House located adjacent to a guest house is a small cafe filled with natural lights and a warm welcoming feel for all guests.

Owner chef Ms. Suda used to work for an IT company and met yoga when her busy work schedule started to cause health issues for her. She then quit the company she had worked for 9 years to become a yoga instructor. Teaching yoga and giving people advice on weight loss, Ms. Suda discovered diet based on the concept of “natural hygiene” and now, through The Farm Cafe, she works to promote a healthy lifestyle with vegan food.

Superbly-delicious gluten-free tempura

Foods at The Farm Cafe are all additive-free and made with fresh, healthy ingredients. Among them, my favorite is definitely the tempura! At regular restaurants, even vegetable tempura usually contains egg in the batter so it’s hard to find tempura that we vegans can eat. Tempura at The Farm Cafe is not only vegan but also gluten-free as it’s made with chickpea flour, not wheat flour, which makes me very happy.

With the plate lunch (1650 yen), you can choose 3 dishes from about 10 different choices, and on this day I chose mixed green salad, avocado topped with homemade mushroom paste and tempura. The foods literally overflew so it became two plates rather than one plate!

There are many restaurants that serve brown rice, but it’s nice to be able to have rice with mixed kinds of millet. They had probably just cooked it because it came out so piping hot that it wouldn’t stop steaming! If you’re more of a bread person, you can have focaccia from a popular bakery in Asakusa, Manufacture, in place of rice.

Freshly-fried tempura came out in a separate plate. Unlike at a regular restaurant where you would dip the tempura in dashi soy sauce (which I don’t really like because tempura gets soggy…), here you have it with salt mixed with seaweed and the famous seven-spice chili from Kaminarimon. As the tempura is fried with non-fragrant coconut oil, it’s so crispy and light – but inside, the vegetables are moist and the shiitake mushroom is tender and juicy. I think I can keep eating this tempura forever…

Because The Farm Cafe is adjacent to or is part of a guest house, I wasn’t sure if it were a touristy place, but the food tasted amazing and was a great value for the money. If it were a bit closer to where I live, I would definitely be coming here all the time.

I also had a gluten-free donut made with rice flour and sweet potatoes. Free of sugar, it’s so light and healthy. It also makes me happy that there is organic decaf coffee (not grain coffee drink) on the menu.

Besides the plate lunch, falafel burger is also popular and their curries come with various toppings like falafel, soy meat karaage and tempura.

Currently, The Farm Cafe is open as usual but with all the doors open for full air circulation. Takeout is also available.

Hope you try this superbly-delicious vegan, gluten-free tempura in Asakusa!

The Farm Cafe
1-3-3 Hanakawado Taito-ku Tokyo
Closed on Mondays